The Peterborough Wolverines COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

COVID ResponseThe Peterborough Wolverines COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

In these uncertain times, we as an organization are taking action to be able to provide our Wolverine Family with the opportunity to participate in Football in 2021. What the complete picture looks like is still unknown, but we are working with the local officials, the Ontario Football Association and Football Canada to ensure a safe return to participation in this great sport. 

As a result, we have prepared the following 4 Phase return to Football Plan for the Peterborough Wolverine Organization. Each of our teams (Bantam, JV, Varsity) will work within their own team group to fit within the local and provincial participation number guidelines. 

Phase 1 - Winter Workouts

Our Winter Workout plan is to re-engage our players and coaches in football-related activities during the winter months when we are not able to access our field at Thomas A Stewart. Our new partnership with Hybrid Sports provides us the opportunity to access an indoor facility, in a safe and small group atmosphere that works within COVID-19 Parameters. 

Phase 2 - 9 Man Flag*

Slightly different from the 7 man game, the 9 Man version does not eliminate our Linemen from participation. While we might have fewer "teams", our big kids will not go without the enjoyment of participating in a game-type atmosphere. This will also allow our teams and coaches the opportunity to continue to develop their players' individual position skills as well as continuing to develop team systems and concepts. 

Phase 3 - Team Intrasquad*

As we are allowed to return to contact, we will be working within our team groups to continue to practice individual position skills and team strategies/concepts and ultimately put those to the test while playing in a scrimmage setting to be able to feel as close to normal football as possible.

* - Both options will be utilizing currently booked practice times and Home Game dates for participation. All games will be filmed. 

Phase 4 - Return to play in the OFC

With all efforts being made to provide a season this year, the OFC is working with all Team Centres local Health Units to determine the logistics around play and when a season may start. Planning is currently underway for a "sliding start" to the season which could see a season start anywhere from May to September if possible. 

We understand that everyone would like to return to Saturdays at TASSS with the BBQ churning out "Claw Burgers", Kevin working the mic, and Wolverines flying around the field playing against some of the best competition in the province. We will get there! In the meantime, know that we are committed to providing a platform for our athletes, coaches, and families to connect through football-related activities in a safe and structured manner. 

For more information please connect with us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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